Reasons for Drainage & Grading Corrections

Not sure why drainage and grading corrections are important? Wichita Drainage & Grading, in Wichita, Kansas, can help you understand the importance of grading corrections and proper drainage. Call us today at (316) 308-5770 for more information.
  • Health Reasons and Risks - Mold and mildew growth can cause personal health risks and sickness, mosquito breeding, & stagnant water hazards
  • Landscape Problem Prevention - Standing water can cause death to landscape plantings such as trees, shrubs, and flowering perennials. It can also cause mulch and surface soil erosion, and landscape retaining wall failure is often due to poor drainage plans causing wall failure.
  • Icing - Icing can cause liability risks on sidewalks and foot traffic areas where low spots can collect water from freezing rain and create potential fall hazards.
  • Structural Damages - Water can be the enemy to any structural footing and basement foundations. Though we never guarantee that we can stop water from seeping into basement and home foundation structures, we have found that simple grade work to create positive slope away from the building and downspout extensions can aid tremendously in preventing excessive water build up around homes, and reducing the possible damages that can occur in the future which can lead into multiple thousands of dollars in repairs and frustrations.
Workers Installing Drainage System — Improve Drainage in Wichita, Kansas